Other Stories

Night Flight
He’s the only family she has now, and instead of grief weighing her down, she’s oddly elated.
Rating: NC-17

Day Tripping by diehard and ArtemisX5…
Life on the run and a change in attitude
Rating: NC-17

Sometimes it’s better when it all falls apart
Rating: NC-17

Small Knowledge
“It’s a feeling I can’t shake…restless, reckless, bone-deep, a longing for something I can’t even define.”
Rating: PG

“She has to keep it all together until she can see him, say the words, feel her fingers touch his face.”…sequel to Small Knowledge
Rating: PG

He plans on telling her that he realizes love, like duty, is a stubborn thing.”…sequel to Revelation
Rating: Strong R

Christmas Beginning
What were those presents, and how did Christmas Day shape up for out two heroes?
Rating: NC-17

Past All That
Post-Finale poem
Rating: PG

New Year’s Slowly
After letting the cat out of the bag, Mulder and Scully spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s together…follow-up to Christmas Beginning
Rating: NC-17

Pocket Fable
Post Theef/post-ep…a response to a BtS challenge
Rating: NC-17

155 Words…post Ice
Rating: R

Easy After All
Post all things